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Travel, Transportation & Logistics

  1. PTT: Road Transportation, Rail Transportation, Air Transportation, Sea Transportation depend on communications technology to move people and cargo safely and on time. Collaboration of teams is crucial to ensure to meet schedules and secure customer satisfaction. The right voice and data communication solutions ensure networks are operating at their most efficient.

  2. Satellite Asset Tracking: Systems that track vehicles and shipments enable on-time, accurate deliveries. Drivers are safer. Cargo is safer. Costs are lower. Losses are prevented. Customers are satisfied. Having systems that can continuously keep real-time monitoring even out of urban settings contribute towards this outcome.

  3. Video Security: With increasing passenger and cargo numbers heightened video security is crucial in ports, transport termini and cargo vehicles to secure people through terminals while keeping the essential delivery and logistic drivers safe and connected while on the move. Our portfolio of video surveillance systems comprised of CCTV Systems and In-Car Dash Camera systems play a key role on this.

Learn more about all our Products & Services

Learn more about all our Products & Services