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Educational Institutions

  1. Radio & Television in Education: Build confidence, develop speaking and listening skills, teamwork, inclusion, giving students a voice and empowerment, create future media leaders and benefit from an additional commercial avenue. Our solutions will provide your student community all the requisite tools they need to learn the trade with hands-on experience to help mould them into the media champions of tomorrow.

  2. Push-to-Talk, Video Security, Mass Notification in Education: Securing the Future of our Nation. Mandated to create a safe, secure and nurturing learning environment, the workforce relies on the right communications and security solutions behind the scenes to teach without threats to disruption. And when disruptions occur, the right systems go towards ensuring no student is in harm’s way or left behind.

  3. Access Control: Security in institutions of learning is of paramount importance. Further, securing certain environments and key operational buildings and offices is key to running a successful institution. Our range of access control systems ensure that only authorized personnel gain entry into controlled areas. Through different technologies including cards, tokens and biometrics, we guarantee that the access control solution our experts will help you achieve is as secure as you envision it. 

  4. IP PBX, Video Conferencing & Mass Notification in Education: Effective communication is essential for assisting administrators in managing the learning environment. This can be achieved through SIP-enabled systems which are easy to use and feature-rich with integration capabilities to mass notification systems for paging announcements, emergency broadcasts or alerts, surveillance when integrated with SIP cameras, and videoconference systems integration for distant/virtual/online learning. With such systems in place, you are assured of efficient communication in your learning institution for both ordinary day to day communications, surveillance and emergency broadcasts whenever you need them.

  5. Audio-visual in Education: Modern AV in Education has evolved beyond the TV set dragged in on a cart. In this audio-visual age, AV has been seen to create a stimulating and interactive environment which is more conducive to learning while providing the skills integral to future workforce prospects by preparing students to participate in a rapidly evolving world in which work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to a varied and developing technology. The power of AV in learning cannot be understated. It makes visual learning a reality by providing teaching staff with limitless teaching aids through a wide array of media while also enriching the learning experience by injecting different media into the mind of the learner.

Learn more about all our Products & Services

Learn more about all our Products & Services