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Broadcast, Media and Entertainment Sectors

  1. Radio & Television Systems: As a new entrant into the broadcast world, quality and right systems will contribute towards attracting the right talent, who will in turn attract the much-needed audience that would drive advertisers’ attractions going towards your ad revenues. Retaining your audience will not only be influenced by your programming but also by the clarity of your audio and video content, the general quality of experience to the consumers, which once again boils down to quality systems. 

    Getting the right partner to walk this journey with you and provide both quality equipment and systems you need goes a long way in ensuring success. With BCE Systems, we will help with all this coupled with professional monitoring, maintenance and support from our panel of experts. With guarantees on quality for all solutions, warranties and pre-sale and after-sales services we are your reliable one-stop shop for all your Broadcast & Media needs.

  2. Satellite Communication Systems: The use of commercial satellites and satellite technology by television broadcast stations has spawned an era of Satellite News Gathering (SNG). Whether it is through a number of satellite uplink equipment, generators, and a stable of technicians, or a laptop sized device and a handheld digital camera to achieve the same remote real-time transmissions, we have the solutions to achieve the objective. Our team of experts will guide you through the whole process from pre-sale advise to after-sale support to ensure you select the right solution that fits your needs.

  3. Unmanned Aerial Systems: ENG and Beyond. TV Broadcasting is increasingly adopting drone technology. The aerial footage captured on these platforms has gone from being a visual novelty to an essential part of TV newsgathering. With ratings at stake, TV news teams are expected to compete aggressively for the best camera angles and eye-catching footage. We provide systems that fulfil this need for you and your TV news team with high quality equipment and support systems that are both efficient and user friendly to provide you that cutting edge to keep you competitive in the fast changing TV broadcasting sector.

  4. Audio-visual: From Live sound systems, to projected video, digital signage, piped music, video walls, whole-house audio and more, ProAV continues to experience growth in many large markets segments aligned to tradeshows, exhibitions and entertainment, such as corporate, education, government and military, that have performance venues, convention centers, sports arenas and exhibition halls. 
    BCE Systems provides solutions in Audio-Visual to a wide cluster of utilization cases and sectors to deliver solutions that work for the particular need with the required quality and efficiency. From spaces ranging from a small boardroom to a huge sports arena, we have the appropriate solution in Audio-Visual suitable for the space you have.

Learn more about all our Products & Services

Learn more about all our Products & Services