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Healthcare Institutions

  1. PTT: Medical teams need to be reached instantaneously. Every second lost in requesting for help or coordinating transfers could be the difference between life and death. Push-to-Talk and Paging solutions play a crucial role in keeping life going.

  2. Telehealth: Collaboration through human connection plays a significant role in preserving people’s health. When healthcare professionals are not limited by distance to learn together allowing healthcare professionals to consult and collaborate with experts all around the world, a more efficient healthcare is rendered and patient care improves.

  3. Video Security: Healthcare facilities are generally sensitive areas with a proliferation of high traffic. A combination of Video Monitoring with Body Worn Cameras empowers the security teams situational awareness. This prepares security teams to reduce response times, while the presence of Body Worn Cameras can help to de-escalate confrontational situations, and if a prosecution becomes necessary, its footage can provide clear evidence to protect your team against false accusations. 

Learn more about all our Products & Services

Learn more about all our Products & Services