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Outside Broadcast, Electronic Field Production and Electronic News Gathering Systems

Outside Broadcasting (OB) is the temporary provision of programme making facilities at the location of ongoing news, sport or other events, lasting from a few hours to several weeks. OB involves the transmission of events back to a studio facility for inclusion as programme material. The operations are generally planned (e.g. sports broadcasts, concerts) live-to-air events but it is often necessary to accommodate short notice changes of venue or unforeseen requirements. Similar resources used in Outside Broadcasting can also be used in Electronic Field Production (EFP) and can be live-to-air or recorded for later broadcast, generally with more elaborate television production values. 

Electronic News Gathering (ENG) is the collection of video and/or audio material, using small, often handheld, electronic cameras and/or microphones with links to the newsroom and/or other recorders. ENG includes fixed, nomadic and mobile applications ranging from stationary reporting by journalists, mobile camera coverage of scenes of regional and world conflict to aerial coverage of natural disasters.

Our services in this area are the perfect solution for all kinds of OB, EFP and ENG. With a far reaching scope of solutions, we give all our customers freedom to choose the solution that best fits their needs, their budget and their teams. With our expert-knowledge and years-long experience in this field, you can have confidence we will be able to deliver to your expectations.