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Tourism & Hospitality

  1. SMATV & MATV: Supply and control the number of Television and FM channels to every room from a single Satellite or Antenna with Master Antenna Television Systems. We provide cost effective solutions for properties with multiple tenants while reducing your monthly costs & still having a TV & Radio in every room.

  2. Audio-visual: The Tourism and Hospitality industry is heavily coupled with events and conferences. Our Audio-Visual solutions are diverse and provide the required solutions for conference rooms or different sizes, different event types of varying sizes and custom solutions to fit your every need.

  3. IP PBX: With multiple rooms that can run into the hundreds in a hotel setup, IP PBX system provides an easy-to-use means of reaching Guest Relations, Room Service, Security and other hotel departments to ensure ultimate guest comfort.

  4. PTT: Ensure safety and security for your guests by responding rapidly to incidents. Equip the Facilities and Maintenance departments with the right tools to be instantaneously alerted to occurrences with seamless and unified communication with Room Attendants. Ensure that the tourist vans are always connected to the hotel to uphold the guests comfort and security.

  5. Access Control and CCTV: Enhanced security for guests and staff is an important component in the Hospitality Industry. From room access, securing operational spaces and ensuring safety in all areas of the hotel, we provide access control solutions and CCTV to suit your specifications.

    Access Control solutions ensure unauthorized access of rooms housing guests is guaranteed while also protecting other areas of operations in your establishment that require only authorized access.

    CCTV empowers your establishment to conduct monitoring to avert or control security breaches while also providing you with footprints in case a breach was not immediately detected.

  6. Long Range Cameras & Radars: The Tourism and Hospitality sector has unique players in locations that require additional surveillance and security measures. With many establishments running in Parks, Game Reserves, remote locations and even locations where security is not guaranteed, the need for additional surveillance is key to guarantee the safety of guests. Long Range Cameras and Radars give you an additional layer of security in addition to CCTV to ensure you have a secure perimeter and are aware of all objects in the vicinity of your establishment.

  7. Body Worn Camera: From ensuring staff remain professional at all times and that they are also protected in case they are in any danger, Body Worn Cameras are the ideal solution to achieve this. With the ability to stream in high definition via WiFi to a control room, you can be sure that your establishment runs like a well oiled machine while also ensuring the safety of all your staff.

Learn more about all our Products & Services

Learn more about all our Products & Services