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Manufacturing & Warehousing

  1. PTT: Manufacturing is all about efficiency, uptime and safety. Keeping the various cogs in motion relies on a connected workforce. Instant communication across the factory floor and warehousing facilities will streamline the workflow and better manage risk while keeping the workforce safe and connected.

  2. Mass Notification: In the expansive manufacturing facilities, things may at one time or another go wrong. When they do, a clear, audible warning system would mean the difference between massive losses or saved lives and property. Emergency notification systems provided by BCE Systems can be relied on to send instantaneous clear and audible messages to the entire floor.

  3. CCTV: Warehouse facilities hold tons of precious cargo and assets that need to be secured. Having an automated system that is constantly monitoring the floor while sending alerts on analytics identifies points of interest would ensure that unnecessary losses are not incurred. BCE Systems has solutions for various use-cases to provide quality surveillance for your establishment.

Learn more about all our Products & Services

Learn more about all our Products & Services